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  • X-Winder 2-Axis Model# 2X23
  • X-Winder 2-Axis Model# 2X-23
  • X-Winder 2-Axis Model# 2X-23
  • X-Winder Resin Bath Setup with PVC Rollers and Wiper Blade
  • X-Winder Rear Videw of the Model# 2X-23
  • Two Delivery Head Options for the Model# 2X-23 (Nylon Eyebolt left and Polyethylene Arc Head right)
  • Heavy Duty Geared NEMA 23 Stepper Motors with 1/2" Wide Neoprene "L" Belt Drive the Carriage and Mandrel
  • X-Winder Model# 2X-23 Dual Filament Reel Setup Doubles the Filament Width and Halves the Winding Time
  • X-Winder PVC Roller and Nylon Eyebolt Delivery Head
  • X-Winder Switch and Axis Controllers

2-Axis Model 2X-23

54.00 LBS

Product Description

Available in 2024

2X-23 Specs: 

  • Frame and Carriage: standard 1" aluminum extrusions
  • Length: up to 20 feet (3m) - Long Bars NOT Included (see Long Bars)
  • Mandrel width:  up to 8" (200mm) in width 
  • Mandrel Maximum RPM: 90
  • Carriage Maximum Speed: 8in/s (200mm/s)
  • Electrical Power: 110v/220v AC with 24V/3A DC to the stepper motors
  • Mandrel & Carriage Motors: geared NEMA 23 stepper motors with 800 oz-in (60 kg cm) holding torque
  • Drive Belts: "L" type 1/2" (12mm) wide for carriage and mandrel 
  • Filament Tension: adjustable strap friction mechanism
  • Reel Holder: single reel standard or dual reel option (see dual reel)
  • Resin Bath: 6 fluid ounce resin bath (170 cc^3)
  • Carriage Wheels: custom dual bearings with 8mm axle
  • Electronics: switch controller box and 2 axis controller boxes with USB cables (not sold separately)
  • Software: X-Winder Designer program and Executor program packages standard (not sold separately)

Note: X-Winder ships with "L" size belt of 18 feet (5.6m) long - enough for about an 8 foot long (2.5m) X-Winder. For additional length, you'll need a longer L-Belt.

Product Videos

X-Winder Filament Winder Model 2X-23 and 4X-23 (04:34)
The 4X-23 represents the next step in the evolution of the X-Winder line of filament winders. Based on the same frame and sharing many common parts with the 2-axis model, this new 4-Axis winder adds a whole new level in automated desktop composite filament winding technology.
  • X-Winder Filament Winder Model 2X-23 and 4X-23
    The 4X-23 represents the next step in the evolution of the X-W...

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